Decenteralized Ether Mixer  BETA!


  • Users join the deal by making todo ETH collateral from their secret account. Note that the secret account must already hold some funds.
  • Users deposit todo ETH from their secret public account.
  • If all users made a deposit, then every secret account withdraws todo ETH and its todo ETH collateral.
  • Otherwise, the collaterals are divided among all public accounts who made a deposit.


To start click the   Mix Dashboard button and join an existing deal, or start a new one if no open deals currently exist.
The web inteface allows to open a new deal once every 24 hours.
In this beta stage, every public and secret account are allowed to join only once for every deal. The collateral and deposit size are fixed.

0 fees are charged!

The website is in beta stage and we do not offer any gaurantee for your funds or privacy.


The website only reveals partial functionallity of the contract. If you wish to create deals with different parmaters (like higher deposit values), you should read the contract code (click on   The Contract button) and interact with its function directly via your ethereum wallet.
A technical analysis of the protocol can be found here